About Us

us on boat


We are Eric and Joann Heltzel. We live in our renovated Airstream Excella we call “Das Fass” (German for the barrel or keg). We’ve been living in our Airstream with our dachshund, Shannon, since 2016.



We love to travel and decided that without a traditional home, but instead one on wheels, we could travel more freely. We knew if we decided to live in an Airstream full-time, we would have the flexibility to move when and where we wanted.


One evening we were getting ready to sign our lease for another year on our apartment outside Boston, Massachusetts. This would be the 7th year signing a one-year lease on our apartment, which we loved. But, something started to feel mundane and routine about our life. We loved being Bostonians but were ready for a change. So I said to Eric, “Wouldn’t it be cool to just move into an Airstream and travel around the country?” Eric liked my fantasy idea and replied: “Yeah, I’m ok with that if that’s what you want to do.” We kind of laughed off the idea and signed the lease. The Airstream subject came back up a few times throughout the year, mostly on trips when everyone’s inner “wanderlust” comes out. The more we talked about it, the more we talked ourselves into it. After further research we decided to take the leap and put our plans into action. We bought our Airstream and started selling off our belongings. It felt awesome, and we were so excited! We’re happy with our decision, and we’ve seen so many places and learned a lot about full-time RV life. We are excited to share our favorite travel destinations and RV living tips and tricks we’ve learned.

aistream at night